Emergency Actions – 310 permitting procedure

The definition of an emergency in 310 law means “an unforeseen event or combination of circumstances that call for immediate action to safeguard life, including human or animal, or property, including growing crops, without giving time for the deliberate exercise of judgment or discretion under the 310 law.”

If a Landowner determines that must make an emergency action on their property that under normal circumstances would require a 310 permit, they must follow the procedure below.


  • Within 15-Days a person taking emergency action must notify their local conservation district by completing the Emergency Form and returning it to the district office.
  • Landowner will be contacted and an onsite inspection will be completed by team members (Applicant, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, Conservation District Supervisor(s)
  • At the next district meeting, the district will either approve, modify, or deny the emergency action per the inspection information.
  • If emergency is approved no further action is needed from the Landowner.
  • If modifications and/or emergency work is denied it will require the Landowner to complete a new 310 Application indicating the work needed to be done for the modification or the work needed to be done to rectify the denied action.