The Montana Conservationist February 6

Greetings, readers! This week in The Montana Conservationist:

  • In Bozeman, the Farmers Canal Company will be working with the Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology to study seepage out of the canal as it runs through the city.
  • After a landowner reported seeing a feral hog in NE Montana, an airborne search has found no evidence of feral hogs; luckily the search was airborne, so we know they’re neither on the ground nor flying.
  • After the Supreme Court overturned a decision that had previously halted the implementation of WOTUS, the EPA has delayed the controversial rule from taking effect.
  • New NOAA research is showing we can predictMarch snowpack some eight months in advance.
  • CU Boulder has compiled an atlas of global soil bacteria, identifying a group of around 500 key species that are both common and abundant worldwide.
  • Green Mountain CD supervisor Mindy Ferrell has been honored for her work in education & the environment
  • Lake CD’s Swan Forest Initiative is in the news
  • And Steve Hedstrom writes in about the NACD Convention in Nashville.

All of that, the details, and no flying pigs, in this week’s Montana Conservationist: TMC 2018-02-06