GMCD offers Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp Scholarships

Green Mountain Conservation District is pleased to offer 3 competitive $100 scholarships for this exciting camp experience to off-set the all-inclusive camp fees of $300. Applications for GMCD scholarships must be received by e-mail or by USPS to the GMCD office by Wednesday June 6th. The GMCD Scholarship Application can be downloaded here. Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp Applications can be downloaded at

All GMCD scholarship applicants will be notified by Thursday June 6th.  If selected for the scholarship, a check from GMCD will be sent directly to the camp director in the Youth’s name. It is expected that campers give a brief oral or written summary after returning from camp to inform GMCD of the highlights from their experience.

Please contact either Mindy Ferrell, GMCD Supervisor @ 827-4341 /  or Leona Gollen, GMCD Administrator @ 827- 4833 / with any questions. We look forward to your scholarship application!

About Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp

Campers will learn about wildlife, forests, streams, soils, geology, range lands, and multiple land-use and the challenges of applying these disciplines in working landscapes. In between the field sessions, taught largely by natural resource agency and industry professionals, campers will spend a half-day rafting the Alberton Gorge, participate in special evening programs, interact with guest speakers, and experience hands-on learning-through-discovery.