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June 2022 Meeting Minutes

The Green Mountain Conservation District (GMCD) held a routine monthly meeting on June 22, 2022.

Reports from the GMCD Administrator, Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Avista and the Natural Resource Conservation Service were presented. Fourteen 310 applications were discussed. The agenda and approved minutes are posted below.

Agenda: Regular Board Meeting, June 22, 2022

6:00 PM at the Green Mountain Conservation District Office, 2952 HWY 200, Trout Creek, MT

(Meeting agenda items not always taken in order that they appear)

Approve Minutes for May 18, 2022

Financial Report & A/P

Administrator’s Report:

  • Staff probationary period
  • Sanders County Ledger interview
  • Realtor workshop through Northwestern Energy
  • SAM Registration Length
  • USACE Presentation July 6

Website Report:  

  • Posted agenda, last month’s minutes, pollinator updates and 310 emergency instructions

LCFWG/Watershed Council Report: submit written report

MT FWP Report:  submit written report

NRCS Report:  submit written report

Avista Utilities: submit written report

Northwestern Energy: submit written report

Public Education:

  • Scholarship Update (Mindy)
  • Waterfestival Update (Sarah)

Supervisor/Employee Education:

  • Spring Board Meeting Update

Old Business:

Building Repair:

New Business:

Public Comment:

Time Allowed for comments from the Public not already on the agenda

310 Applications and Discussions

  • SW-31C-22 Graves Creek
  • SW-02-22 Osborne
  • SW-03-22 Wakefield
  • SW-04-22 Edwards
  • SW-07-22 Blanford
  • SW-08-22 Johnston
  • SW-09-22 McGowan
  • SW-10-22 Richardson
  • SW-11-22 Schneiter
  • SW-12-22 Knuth
  • SW-13-22 Kowalski
  • SW-14-22 Avista EWM Mechanical Harvester Pilot Project
  • SW-15-22 Anakalea
  • SW-16C-22 Schwehr

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