August 2019 Meeting Agenda

The Green Mountain Conservation District (GMCD) will hold a routine monthly meeting on August 21, 2019. Reports from the GMCD Administrator, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts of Montana will be presented. Nine 310 applications will be discussed. The agenda is posted below.

Agenda: Regular Board Meeting, August 21

7:00 PM at the Green Mountain Conservation District Office, 2952 HWY 200, Trout Creek, MT

(Meeting agenda items not always taken in order that they appear)

Approve Minutes for July 2019

Financial Report   

Administrator’s Report

  • Valarie Kurth – New Water Planner for the Clark Fork
  • Jean Dunn Resignation
  • September 25th Area V meeting Bitterroot
  • Jason Garber – DNRC new stream permitting Coordinator
  • Blackfoot Bill
  • Final Inspection Dates
  • Financial report review time

Website Report

LCFWG/Watershed Council Report

MT FWP Report

NRCS Report

Old Business 

New Business 

  • NWE Boat Tour Update – Supervisors
  • Employee Direct Supervision

Subdivision Review

Time Allowed for comments from the public no already on the agenda

310 Applications and Discussions

  • SW-11C-19 FWP (Leave on Agenda until October)
  • SW-01-19 Hause
    • Engineer
  • SW-25-17 Finch Dock inspection – Sept 3rd – Terry
  • SW-28-18 Baxter Extension
  • SW-19C-19 Sutherland Complaint
  • SW-20-19 Harlow Bridge
  • SW-27-18 Avista Bull River Work Completion Form
  • SW-09-19 Avista North Shore Work Completion Form
  • SW-13-19 Albert Work Completion Form